Self Portrait for this year

Pretty look like a traditional painting, yea? I did that on Photoshop with a picture of myself. How to do it? I need a good photograph of myself. First, I set up my bedroom to be a photographic studio. And again, I needed to use my wireless flash triggers.

This was my setting. The camera collected with the main flashgun and the flash transmitter. On the right, it is a little flashgun which can be trigger by other flash mounted on the stand and it is collected with the reflecting umbrella. The little flashgun flashes in the umbrella and the light would be reflected by the silver surface. That would give the object a soft light.

My position was in front of the reflector. (Spent a long time to set the height of the reflector to match the height of head) At behind the reflector, there are a tripod with another flashgun mounted on. Now you know what I was going to do. That's right! A pure right background! You might ask I was taking some passport photos. No, it was not supposed to be like passport photos, but those pictures do look like passport photos. Fine than, I chose one and made it like a painting than. After about 2 hours work, the "painting" is done.

Actually, what I want to achieve is a explosion effect coming out from the edge of my face. However, what is the problem? Why does it look like a passport photo? I think the first problem is the setting. Only one flash behind me was not enough to produce a strong light to get the explosion effect, as I am not small as my little gundam models. Anyway, I need to do more experiments. At least, I can do some passport photos at home and I can save my money from those passport photo machines.

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