Chatting on the sunny day

This is my first video which I used the editing technique I learnt form the Hollywood Cinema lecture. I tried out Kuleshov Effect in the video. What is Kuleshov Effect? That is explained in a funny way by Alfred Hitchcock. Another thing I experimented was the technique of continuous editing which has been popularly used in Hollywood cinema. It was fun to try out after reading a lot of theory, although the editing doesn't look very continuous in the video. However, it is acceptable because I was impromptu to record it. Film makers need good preparation for every shot.

The sound in the video is not so good. The environmental sound is much louder than the person who speak in front of the camera. I think the reason is the internal microphone is built on the top of the camera and I was getting too close to the person who was speaking. Next time, I will take care of the recording distance or get an external microphone.

Oh! yea! Footage was taken on the Sony Nex 5 and edited on Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

Bruce Nauman - Good Boy, Bad Boy, 1985

I have seen this video installation at Tate Liverpool in 6 months ago. I was sitting down to watch the whole thing, In Berlin, I have seen that again. I was still sitting down to watch the whole thing. I love two video playing at the same time. They seem responding to each other, although the actor and the actress are reading out the same poem. The poem is very philosophical. Do we all think ourself is a unique person, but in fact, we are just living like a robot?