Water Drops

As my new project's starting point is surrealistic and abstract photography, recently, I am still experimenting with different objects and photographic techniques. This time, I am trying to take some pictures of water drops.

Taking pictures of water drops on a CD is a technique that I learned from a on-line photographic forum. When you use a torch or a light shine on the CD surface, the rainbow colour would come out through the reflection. With some water drops on the CD, the scene would become more beautiful because the colourful lights reflected and refracted by those water drops.

I took those pictures using my Canon compact, PowerShot G9 which could give me a 1cm close-up macro shot. However, the 1cm close-up function is only able to be used in wide open 35mm angle, therefore I also captured some objects those I do not want in the image, such as the edge of the CD. And I had to crop the images to make the water drop as the focal point.

A long exposure to capture the laser light's movement

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