The idea was just come from the mind map of McDonald’s. I think there is an Uncle McDonald’s so I designed a McDonald’s girl. It was not easy to design the character because I needed to consider what she should dress, what the colours are hair style, etc. I sketched on papers then scanned it onto the computer and finally coloured it on Photoshop. As I was not going to spent too much time on illustration, I didn’t paint it very detailed.

This another Photoshop painting, the chip-man was directly painted on the software without a pencil sketch. I drew out the simple outline first than coloured following the shape of the chip. The way to colouring was similar people doing oil paint, covering the covering the previous colours, but the feeling is quite different to paint as with real brush. Fortunately, I have already get used to use the digital painting although my techniques are still naive.

Rice Animation

There are how I set up the equipments on the floor in my room to make a rice animation. First, I used a tripod to fix my camera in a position. As rice is white, I chose a large scale black paper for the background. Additionally, I needed a lamp to shine on the area. All of the things were set up as the equipments in the animation suite but the only difference was mine could not transfer pictures to the computer immediately. That caused more difficulty and a little inconvenience while I was making the animation.

The first two Chinese words have two meanings in Cantonese. In writing, it is 'rice moving', but it should be "don't move" when people say these two word.

Actually, the procedure was not easy because rice is so small and difficult to be made shapes. In the middle of the video, I already changed the way to make the animation. The way was like some artists doing sand drawings. I found that was much easier to control the rice.