eBank Portable Studio Kit Testing

I have been wanting a soft box for a long time. While browsing on eBay, I saw this auction for an used eBank Studio kit. From the other sellers, the same item is sale for more than £30, and I only spent £11 to win the auction. So great!

The whole package comes with a fold-able soft box, two spot lights and a mini tripod. It was a very bargaining purchase, although the spot lights and the mini tripod are not quite useful to me.

At the beginning of testing this studio kit, I used the spotlights to take a few pictures of my cameras. My feeling is the spotlights are okay but not bright enough and I had to use ISO400 or even ISO 800 to avoid blurred pictures.

These photos in the bottom were taken using my flashguns, one attached on the camera and the other two on the left and right side on the soft box. They were much brighter than the spotlights and let me stop down the level of ISO. I could use lower ISO as 100 to keep the image in the highest quality.

However, there are still a disadvantage of using flash lights. That is you are able to see the result of your setting immediately. You need to check the photo in the camera after the shot, and then you adjust the setting of the flash lights. You keep doing this until you get the best result.

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