These images of apple are from the day when I was trying to take some abstract shots from some usual objects. I had experimented to capture a couple of stuff, such as rubber bands, bubbles, CDs, water drops and an apple, and those shots I like the most are of the apples.

I really love the composition of the apple and lamp because it is a kind of minimalism. The white lamp and the deep red apple are not totally shown in the image. Their shadows mixed the dark background makes their visible parts standing out in the image. The white and red also create a high contrast that makes the image even more interesting.

This is the shot of the apple and the lamp taken from another angle. I like this one too, but not as much as the one in above. It is a bit too much in the term of minimalism.

This one is an experiment of reflections. It was a quick study of how to use a CPL filter to increase or reduce reflections. I described that was a study but this was just a very simple thing. What you need to do the increasing and reducing reflections is to adjust the ring of the CPL filter. And then you will realize how people get a clear reflection of landscapes from river surfaces.

Less reflections

More refections

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