Materialism in China

In a few months ago, I took a picture of the busyness at the Apple Store in Arndale Centre, Manchester. The level of people seeking for new high technology is going to be crazy. And I knew that it is even worse in China. This week, I read this news, Chinese Teenager Sells Kidney For iPhone.

It is just another case to proof this image, domination.

Some portrait shots from the latest films

In the past year, I struggled to finish every roll of film because I did not want to waste any films, I thought so much before to take a shot, that made me to spend a long time to finish a roll of film. I need some proper themes for my film photography rather than just doing snap shots. I think portrait is quite suitable theme for B&W photography, so maybe start another project of portrait.

Here are some portrait shots from the latest films. These images were taken on a Canon New F-1 and a Nikon FE with two rolls of Ilford HP5 400 film and scanned on Epson V700.

These two young boys are our common customers of our family chip shop, they might have got some talent of being models.


There were something Chinese people must not forget.
Demonstration to Commemorate the 22nd Anniversary of June Fourth