Looking for water drops

It is very good to have a macro lens, because the world seems suddenly being bigger. There are more interesting things for me to shoot.

Today, I went to the country park and looked for dew. I carried my DSLR with the 100mm macro lens on and the tripod. Taking the tripod with me is because when you take a picture of a tinny object with a macro lens, only a little movement would make the object that you want to capture out of focus. Therefore, the tripod is used to keep the camera in the same position. However, using a tripod would also make you less portability. And also it didn't really help me from the leaves being blown by the wind. Here are some of the shots I like.

A ladybug on the withered leaf looks big in the image, but it actually is so tinny.

Amsterdam photographer Kim Boske's works are quite inspiring. She is fascinated by the passing of time. She likes to take several or a lot of picture of a object throughout a time, then combines them into one image. The image shows the change of the object during the time. I quite like this idea and I tried one today.

I took several pictures of a tree. I used this tree is because it is the only one standing on its own. That means it is easy to experiment the idea. I combined all the pictures into one image which is in above. As today was not windy at all, the tree didn't move that much in a minute. Thus, the image looks more like a normal photo.

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