Listen to The Beat

Finally, the animation of breakdance, Listen to The Beat is finished and it had been exhibited in Cavendish Campus for a week. Now, you can see it on my blog.

It is an experimental animation so no meanings at all. I tried to get every move on beat but it was too hard to do the powermoves part.

The move of the figure are based on Bboy Focus, Physicx, TheEnd and Cico.
Sound tracks are 2 drum track from Bboy Focus' Breakdance Tutorial DVD and Theme of S.W.A.T

Wu Chi Tsung Photography Masterclass

On Saturday, I was so glad to join this masterclass held by Chinese Art Centre before Wu Chi Tsung went back to Taipei on Monday. I knew quite a few people of my course had signed for this event but there was only Andrea attended. Oh! You guys really missed something.

In the class, Chi Tsung showed us his experiment of a special long exposure photography. He set up his camera on a tripod in a dark environment, used a powerful torch to shine no the place where he wanted to be capture when the camera started exposure. The workshop of this type of photography was on Friday night. I didn't sign for the workshop because I must work on Friday night as long as my family chip shop open. That was a shame I didn't join the workshop. Chi Tsung showed people how to work with the idea and the people experimented the idea. It seemed really fun.

After Chi Tsung shared his work, we started to present our long exposure works and then we gave each other opinion. I presented my Break-Light. They liked it and I received some nice feedback. Chi Tsung suggested me to take this type of pictures with lager apertures. That was a wonderful suggestion because I just thought about to capture the whole move and reduce other lights going to the camera , therefore, I used small apertures. However, a large aperture could absolutely give me a different result. I will definitely try it but I will need to find a very dark place first.

In the end, some of us of the masterclass went to the Christmas market with Chi Tsung and his friend, Chun Teng. It was so funny that I spoke to Chi Tsung and Chun Teng with Mandarin, sometimes with English, they both speak Mandarin but I just got language confusing. It was a very good day.

The Second Black & White Film

I am going to share some images from my second roll of Black & White film which was Ilford HP5 400 again. I will try more different films to see their difference. The next B&W one will be Kodak T-Max 400. I am glad that I am getting better to use the darkroom now and work much faster than before I was but I am still a little bit nervous working there. This time, when I was in the darkroom, I put my film which was rolled on the barrel to the stopper first, I was so lucky I realised so quick, take it out immediately and put it to the developer, finally that fault didn't affect the photos.

I am still using film cameras for snapshots only at the moment. However, when I get used to use them, I will do something different.

A big boy doing his crochet.

Monty sleeping in the studio.

Get your butt in here!

I took this image of James with the light on my mobile shining on his face at my friend's brightnessless flat.

When every time I walk passed here, I take pictures of the reflection.

It was not taken in a situation of lights but I love the walkway of leaves.

The weather is cold and heater have to be on.

Compare with a fungus lens and a clean lens.

Tried to capture the cloud in Manchester on that day.

Andrea in Albert Dock in Liverpool, I think this is a very lovely photo.

I didn't except I would spend more time to scan the films with the Nikon film scanner than the first time I did. While I was waiting the images transferring to my memory stick, I looked around the Mac suite and saw about 8-10 Epson scanners in the suite are all able to scan films. It was 7:00pm. I started the scanning at 3:00pm.