The idea was just come from the mind map of McDonald’s. I think there is an Uncle McDonald’s so I designed a McDonald’s girl. It was not easy to design the character because I needed to consider what she should dress, what the colours are hair style, etc. I sketched on papers then scanned it onto the computer and finally coloured it on Photoshop. As I was not going to spent too much time on illustration, I didn’t paint it very detailed.

This another Photoshop painting, the chip-man was directly painted on the software without a pencil sketch. I drew out the simple outline first than coloured following the shape of the chip. The way to colouring was similar people doing oil paint, covering the covering the previous colours, but the feeling is quite different to paint as with real brush. Fortunately, I have already get used to use the digital painting although my techniques are still naive.

Rice Animation

There are how I set up the equipments on the floor in my room to make a rice animation. First, I used a tripod to fix my camera in a position. As rice is white, I chose a large scale black paper for the background. Additionally, I needed a lamp to shine on the area. All of the things were set up as the equipments in the animation suite but the only difference was mine could not transfer pictures to the computer immediately. That caused more difficulty and a little inconvenience while I was making the animation.

The first two Chinese words have two meanings in Cantonese. In writing, it is 'rice moving', but it should be "don't move" when people say these two word.

Actually, the procedure was not easy because rice is so small and difficult to be made shapes. In the middle of the video, I already changed the way to make the animation. The way was like some artists doing sand drawings. I found that was much easier to control the rice.

Food been Eating Animation

I think the video is running a little bit fast after exporting.

Before the video, I tried to use iMotion to make animations at university. That software was quite easy to be used for me. However, as I use Windows at home, I needed to look for an animation software which is supported in Windows. Finally, I found Ulead GIF Animator that software is quite cheap and very user-friendly. After finish every clips of each food, I combined and exported them to avi format video with Adobe Premiere CS3.

Line Drawings

I have been inspired by a drawing of a banana with simple lines by my classmate, Kay. This kind of  pop-art I had never done before was quite interesting to me. Therefore I tried some on my food project.  

The starting drawing is strawberries surrounded by many lines. My friend said that It looks like a maze and I agreed that although it is not.

I quite like the effect of the images of a beef fillet and sausages. The main subjects become more obvious by the random lines  around. 

Food Fight

The project of food evoked my memory of a video in Youtube that I have seen two years ago. The title of the video is Food Fight from TouristPictues.

Food Fight - a short film by Stefan Nadelman

The video has been produced creatively to reflect the cruelty of conflict by using food and sauce. The blast of food with the fantastic sound effect create a bloody sence as gory as human being killed by a bomb. The most interesting part of the video is the collections of food are representative of the countries . For example, dumpling and egg roll stand for China, fish and chips stand for the UK, sushi stand for Japan, etc, those match what people normally eat in their countries. Viewers get fun when guessing the meaning of different food.

Nowadays, people usually make animations of everthing with the 3D technology which is quicker and more convenient. However, many artists still insist to use the old working method of making animation. It is simple but it is more characteristic.

Interactive Art Party

Eventually, I have time to finish the editing of some clips of the course party. I am still struggling to get used to work on the Adobe Premiere Pro the software I used to edit this video, so the result of the video is as optimal as I wanted. Please, don't laugh at my skills. And thanks for watching it.      

The Wizard of OX

It was a interesting and cheerful moment during making the video although the movie cannot please people if who are not interactive arts students. Without any editing for a short clip or trailer in two days is very difficult to make videos good. Therefore, we should not focus on the quality of the video and should enjoy the moment when working with the new classmates. However, I am still feeling embarrassed if I show it to someone i don't know. 

The Postcard

First time receciving the summer project, oh! Designing a Postcard of “where I have been”, that’s great because I just had fantastic two months in HongKong where I grew up. I would be easily to decide the elements what I ‘d like to put on the composition of the postcard images. However, as an interactive art student, I shouldn’t make it too simple. So I think about to make it in a 3D shape as I has experience of making pop-up cards. But i thought if I made the postcard in the pop-up way, it would be a card yet a postcard and I didn’t want a postcard which is needed to be opened and closed. I want it as a traditional postcard the stamp and writing at the back, images at the front. Even though, I still insisted to make a 3D one. Anyway, I needed to complete the image for the postcard, thus I spent four nights to finish that work.

This is the image of the postcard. The background is Hong Kong where are high buildings anywhere. You can only see half a sky when you look up. This is the most detailed background I ever did since I have been working on Photoshop for painting. I started with the high building at behind of the image for the first layer in the PSD file(Separate layers sometimes is easy for me working on Photoshop). As usual as doing hand drawings, I drew the outlines and then coloured it. After the first layer, I found it too slow if using computer to work. I could probably do it more conveniently and fastly. Thus, I tried to directly drop photos of what I’d like on the image to the other layers. After using “filter gallery” on Photoshop to make a “CutOut” effect, I just needed to do a little brush work for the picture to match my style. The way was work, very quick. I keeped using this way except painting the figures to finish a layer by a layer.

The final step was I needed to make it 3D. I printed every piece of layers out, stuck them onto a rectangular piece ofcardboard from the bottom layer to the top layer, that surprisingly took a quite long time, and then I added the frame which is made of carboard for looking better.

The “postcard” is done. But eventually I just sent a flat printed one to University rather than this one, it is too thick for to be a postcard.

The First Post

I enjoy blogging, but I don't enjoy blogging in English.