Chorlton Green Festival

Holy crap! I just knew the theme that was Bike To The Future this year. I was only focusing on 'green' to make my sculpture. Anyway, making something different is good for the show. Never mind. This guys was not doing anything about bikes too.

My work: The Odd City

In the Green Festival, I set up my piece of work, The Odd City near the church. The sculpture seems growing up like a flower that represents cities' development. The pure color means the structure of cities is dull. I also placed some little figures on the platform of the sculpture. That means some people living in cities are looking for colors.

Andrea's installation.

Bikes fashion show.

Performance with bikes.

This was a great experience. It was unpredictable crowded, especially at 2-4:00pm. So many people came to the festival because there were so much interesting things, such as food, performance, diverse stalls, etc. It will be good to come to this festival again next year.

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